DE NOR card 2

Community Sentence

DE NOR card 2

Met de Community Sentence-lid­kaart kan u alle activiteit­en in De Nor in 2022 bij­wo­nen. Daarenboven bekomt u een genum­merde en gehandtek­ende Ultra Eczema-zeef­druk. De lid­kaart is geper­son­aliseerd en dient bij aankomst aan de dien­st­doende cip­i­er te wor­den getoond.

You’re a repeat offend­er and a famil­iar sight at this facil­i­ty. Your per­son­alised mem­ber­ship card enti­tles you to yard activ­i­ties all year round. You must present it to the guard on duty. You will also receive a signed and num­bered Ultra Eczema screen print – if you behave.

When paid, you will receive a confirmation, and you will be able to pick up your card at the entrance of De Nor.